The Northern Panhandle Disaster Fund shall serve as a general fund for all major disasters, such as an accident or a natural catastrophe that causes great damage or loss of life in Sheridan, Dawes and Sioux Counties of Nebraska which exceeds the ability of the affected community to cope using its own resources.  The Chadron Community Foundation (CCF) shall serve as the independent, third-party guardian for this fund, and would work with local communities to ensure that money donated and distributed from this fund is properly allocated and never used for individual or political gain.

Disaster Declaration: A disaster may be declared by the Region 23 Emergency Manager (Manager) should the Nebraska Governor submit a request for a Presidential Disaster Declaration.  The Manager shall notify CCF to initiate the fund.  A “Citizen Corps Group” shall be appointed by the Manager to advise the CCF regarding the necessary financial resources needed to support the disaster relief efforts and allocation of such funds.